If you currently have a problem which matches one of the categories listed, do not hesitate to get in Contact with me to find a suitable solution together.

Below is a list of my services relating to user questions and advice.

User questions and advice

Computer use
General user questions to your PC or notebook equipped with a Windows operating system (*)

Questions around the World Wide Web such as surfing, browser choice, DSL, ADSL, search engines, shopping, ... (*)

Setting up email accounts and configure email clients (*)

Messenger & VOIP
New ways of communication via Instant Messaging programs such as Skype or Voice Over IP (*)

Virus protection
Effective protection against viruses and spam - Concepts and software

MS Office
Operation questions about the MS Office products Word and Excel (*)

Computer purchase
Guidance on the purchase of computers and components to find the right hardware for your requirements

Scan service
Scanning images, photos or documents as an image file or PDF document

Digital photography and image editing
Transfer from the camera to the computer and reworking of existing images (*)

Cell phone operation
Operator issues such as sending and receiving text messages, phone calls, taking pictures, ... (*)

(*) Private training on your home computer or cell phone on request.